VRSÉ wishes to extend sincere thanks to the Municipality of Sainte‑Émélie‑de‑l’Énergie for its material support and for its wish to promote the development of cycling. We also thank André Villeneuve, member of the provincial parliament for his financial aid in developing this web site through the fund he created to help volunteer organisations. Thanks are due to the Caisse populaire Desjardins du Nord de Lanaudière for its financial support.




The committee is indebted to all the businesses which advertised in the 2015 edition of the map of the cycling networks. They all believed in the project and contributed financially.


Finally, thank you to France Conochie, volunteer translator for the English version of the web site and to Félix Bourque for the development of the site, his artistic direction, his excellent advice and the immense amount of patience he showed.